Projects in IIC


Title Recipient Principal investigator
Novel nanolaminates with MAX chemistry for future nuclear and extreme environment application ÚACH Bakardjieva Snejana
Microstructural analysis of MAX and MXene nanolaminates with high radiation resistance ÚJF Bakardjieva Snejana
Integrating plasmonic metal nanoparticles with photonic TiO2 nanosheets for synergistically water splitting and environmental photocatalysi ÚACH Bakardjieva Snejana
Borane clusters for nanostructured interfaces of materials in electronic applications Katchem Baše Tomáš
Formation of metal soaps in paintings as a cause of their degradation ÚACH Bezdička Petr
Cement composite for radionuclide encasement ČVUT Bezdička Petr
Metal-organic frameworks with incorporated polymers for gas separation applications ÚACH Demel Jan
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Enviroment Protection and Sustainable Future UFCHJH Ecorchard Petra
Ionic liquids as novel interfacial agent for in-situ preparation of organic-inorganic materials UMCH Ecorchard Petra
New drug delivery systems to cross biological barriers based on the unique properties of carboranes UP Grüner Bohumír
GEN IV Intergrated Oxide fuels recycling strategies CEA Grüner Bohumír
Getting stronger together: exo-substituted feteroboranes and their adducts as suitable motifs for exploration of non-covalent interactions ÚACH Hnyk Drahomír
Provenance analysis of Italian fine art by advanced approaches of geosciences and archaeometry AVU Hradil David
Non-invasive research of portrait miniatures for the purpose of their dating, authentication, presentation and protection AVU Hradil David
Interactions between wooden surface and planar particles of TiO2 ČVUT Jakubec Ivo
Photoactive Polymer Materials with Nanostructured Surfaces for Biomedical Applications PřF UK Kirakci Kaplan
Biomaterials based on octahedral molybdenum clusters as singlet oxygen radiosensitizers ÚACH Lang Kamil
Boron Hydride Cluster Lasers: Understanding the Chemical and Structural Factors that Determine the Photophysics of anti-B18H22 and its Derivatives ÚACH Londesborough Michael
Reference climate curve for the beginning of the Miocene Climatic Optimum in Central Europe ÚACH Matys Grygar Tomáš
TiO2 based nanomaterial for sorption of heavy metals ions ÚACH Motlochová Monika
Development of new generation UV-stabilizer on the base planar particles TiO2 and its used in composite production PREFA KOMPOZITY Svora Petr
Polymeric layers protection and their substrates against UV degradation by quantum dots Rokospol Štengl Václav
Transparent nanohybrid systems with excellent durability to UV and with resistance against extreme temperatures Toseda Štengl Václav
COMNID: Support of the transfer of the apllied research results into new products and services UJEP Štengl Václav
Ten-vertex dicarbaborane molecular assemblies via alkylation ÚACH Štíbr Bohumil
New composite nanomaterials based on the recycladle solid waste UJV Šubrt Jan
Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete admixtures Betosan Šubrt Jan
Floating photocatalyst with synergic adsorption function ÚACH Šubrt Jan
New family of helicenes based on fused silacyclopentadienes ÚACH Tok Oleg
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