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Staff list

 Name E-mail Department Phone
Bakardjiev Mario, Ing. Department of Syntheses311236947
Bakardjieva Snejana, RNDr. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236904
Baše Tomáš, Mgr. Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236933
Bavol Dmytro, Mgr. Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236993,311236963
Bezdička Petr, RNDr. Dr. Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236934
Bezdičková Jitka Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236946
Bludská Jana, Ing. CSc.Director\'s Department311236929
Borovičková Anna Administration and Economic Department311236950
Bould Jonathan, Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236953
Buršík Josef, Ing. CSc.Department of Materials Chemistry311236917
Bůžek Daniel, Ing. Department of Materials Chemistry311236925
Čermáková Zdeňka, RNDr. Ph.D.Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236937
Černý Zbyněk, Ing. CSc.Department of Materials Chemistry311236954, 311236975
Demel Jan, RNDr. Department of Materials Chemistry311236996
Ecorchard Petra, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques266172184, 311236922
Ehn Marcel, Mgr. Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236953
El Anwar Suzan, Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236938
Faměra Martin, Mgr. Ph.D.Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236949
Fraňková Blanka Director\'s Department311236940, 220940158
Garrappa Silvia, Mgr. Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236937
Grüner Bohumír, RNDr. CSc.Department of Syntheses311236938
Hejhalová Marie Administration and Economic Department311236951
Henych Jiří, Ing. Ph.D.Department of Materials Chemistry311236921
Hnyk Drahomír, RNDr. CSc., DSc.Department of Syntheses311236926
Hodovská Miloslava Administration and Economic Department311236958
Holub Josef, RNDr. Department of Syntheses311236999
Hošek Michal, Mgr. Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236941
Hradil David, Mgr. Ph.D.Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236930
Hrbková Ludmila Administration and Economic Department311236951, fax 220941508
Hudeček Michal Technical Department311236902
Hynek Jan, Mgr. Ph.D.Department of Materials Chemistry311236924
Jakubec Ivo, Ing. CSc.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236917,311236903
Jánošíková Petra, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques266173144, 266173141
Kaněrová Irena, Ing. Department of Syntheses311236966
Kirakci Kaplan, PhDr. Department of Materials Chemistry311236995
Kloda Matouš, Mgr. Ph.D.Department of Materials Chemistry311236995
Kočí Eva, Ing. Ph.D.Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236937
Komárková Bára, Mgr. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236912
Kozlová Michaela Administration and Economic Department311236957
Kroneislová Jana, PhDr. Department of Scientific Information311236931
Kupčík Jaroslav, RNDr. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236901
Kurhajcová Pavla Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236935
Lang Kamil, Ing. CSc., DSc.Department of Materials Chemistry311236900
Londesborough Michael, Ph.D.Department of Syntheses311236953
Macháček Jan, Mgr. PhD.Department of Syntheses311236955
Machálková Aneta, Ing. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236910
Mamoň Filip, Bc. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236901
Mareš Jakub, Bc. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236903
Maříková Monika, Mgr. Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236943
Matys Grygar Tomáš, RNDr. CSc.Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236949
Mosinger Jiří, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.Department of Materials Chemistry311236927
Motlochová Monika, Mgr. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236911
Mrózek Ondřej, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236910
Murafa Natalija, Ing. Ph.DDepartment of Materials Chemistry311236909
Němečková Zuzana, Ing. Department of Materials Chemistry311236918
Nezkusilová Renáta Administration and Economic Department311236958
Nosek Karel Director\'s Department311236992
Noskovičová Andrea, Ing. Administration and Economic Department311236957
Ondrušová Soňa, Bc. Department of Materials Chemistry311236996
Pavlík Josef Technical Department311236902
Pližingrová Eva, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236907
Plocek Jiří, RNDr. Ph.D.Department of Materials Chemistry311236916
Plzák Zbyněk, doc. Ing. CSc.Department of Scientific Information311236993
Popovičová Marie Department of Materials Chemistry311236918
Rosypal Pavlína Department of Materials Chemistry311236975
Smržová Darina, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236909
Soroka Miroslav, Mgr. Department of Materials Chemistry311236919
Svora Petr, Ing. Ph.D.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236908
Svorová Pawelkowicz Sylwia, Mgr. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236908
Šrámová Slušná Michaela, Mgr. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236909
Šťastný Martin, Ing. Department of Materials Chemistry311236920
Šubrt Jan, Ing. CSc.Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236906
Šulc Lubomír, Ing. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236901
Švarcová Silvie, Ing. Ph.D.Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)311236937
Tok Leonidovich Oleg, Dr. Department of Syntheses311236948
Tolasz Jakub, Mgr. Department of Materials Chemistry311236918
Tůmová Štěpánka, Ing. Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236941
Vincencová Lenka, Ing. Administration and Economic Department311236959
Vislocká Xénia, Ing. Centre of Instrumental Techniques311236911
Vorm Petr Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)311236944
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