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Staff list

Jonathan Bould, Ph.D.

Phone: 311236953
Department: Department of Syntheses
Budova: /
List of publications: asep/uach-t/0247422


BOULD, Jonathan, TOK, Oleg L., CLEGG, W., LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, LITECKÁ, Miroslava, EHN, Marcel. The metal-mediated coupling of the diselenaundecaborate anion [Se2B9H10]-. Inorganica chimica acta. 2023, 547(MAR)), 121341
BOULD, Jonathan, LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, LITECKÁ, Miroslava, MACIAS, R., SHEA, S. L., MCGRATH, T. D., CLEGG, W., KENNEDY, John David. Macropolyhedral Chalcogenaboranes: Insertion of Selenium into the Isomers of B18H22. Inorganic Chemistry. 2022, 61(4), 1899-1917
BOULD, Jonathan, TOK, Oleg L., LITECKÁ, Miroslava, LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, EHN, Marcel. Two new macropolyhedral chalcogenaboranes: S2B16H18 and SeB16H18. Inorganica chimica acta. 2022, 542(NOV)), 121148
BOULD, Jonathan, LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, PASSARELLI, V., CLEGG, W., WADDELL, P. G., CVAČKA, Josef, MACIAS, R. A simple and high-yield route to iridium, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium nido-6-metalladecaborane compounds. Dalton Transactions. 2021, 50(45), 16751-16764. ISSN 1477-9226
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BOULD, Jonathan, LANG, Kamil, KIRAKCI, Kaplan, CERDÁN, L., ROCA-SANJUAN, D., FRANCÉS-MONERRIS, A., CLEGG, W., WADDELL, P. G., FUCIMAN, M., POLÍVKA, T., LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen. A Series of Ultra-Efficient Blue Borane Fluorophores. Inorganic Chemistry. 2020, 59(23), 17058-17070
BOULD, Jonathan, TOK, Oleg L., PASSARELLI, V., LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, MACÍAS CUELLAR, H. Ligand Lability Driven by Metal-to-Borane Pseudorotation: A Mechanism for Ligand Exchange. Inorganic Chemistry. 2020, 59(24), 17958-17969
CERDÁN, L., FRANCES-MONERRIS, A., ROCA-SANJUAN, D., BOULD, Jonathan, DOLANSKÝ, Jiří, FUCIMAN, M., LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen. Unveiling the role of upper excited electronic states in the photochemistry and laser performance of anti-B18H22. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2020, 8(37), 12806-12818
LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, LANG, Kamil, CLEGG, W., WADDELL, P. G., BOULD, Jonathan. Swollen Polyhedral Volume of the anti-B18H22 Cluster via Extensive Methylation: Anti-B18H8Cl2Me12. Inorganic Chemistry. 2020, 59(5), 2651-2654
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LONDESBOROUGH, Michael Geoffrey Stephen, MARCÍAS, R., KENNEDY, John David, CLEGG, W., BOULD, Jonathan. Macropolyhedral Nickelaboranes from the Metal-Assisted Fusion of KB9H14. Inorganic Chemistry. 2019, 58(19), 13258-13267