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Běžící projekty Ukončené projekty
 Number  Title  Project leader  Years
24-12710S Relation between real structure of hexaferrite thin films and their magnetoelectric effect Buršík Josef 2024-2026 
8J24AT034 Versatile modified TiO2-based nanostructures for photo-induced H2 production coupled with microplastic degradation Thirunavukkarasu G.K. 2024-2025 
lQ200322401 Cationic Lewis (super)acids as an alternative to transition metal systems Škoch Karel 2024-2028 
101121308 SysTem for SAFE Biological chEmical Radiological and Nuclear Assessment, Rescue and Decontamination Ecorchard Petra 2023-2026 
LM2023066 Ecorchard Petra 2023-2026 
23-06866S Borenium cations (hetero)boraalkenes as sensors, small molecule activators and catalysts Škoch Karel 2023-2025 
23-05818S Activated Borane as Lewis Acid Based Catalyst Demel Jan 2023-2025 
23-06562S Optimization of proton conductivity in Zr-based metal-organic frameworKS by peripheral substitution of porphyrin ligands Hynek Jan 2023-2025 
23-05083S Modeling Biologically Active Heteroborane Clusters Hnyk Drahomír 2023-2025 
23-07563S Boranes:A route to the inertial confinement of proton-boron fusion Londesborough Michael 2023-2025 
22-05244S Metal-containing ionic liquids immobilized od 2D materials as heterogenous catalysts for bulk polymerizations Ecorchard Petra 2022-2024 
22-17966S Impact of Thriving Mid-European Mining Regions on Painting Pigments and Technologies at the Outset of Modern Age Hradil David 2022-2024 
22-03945S Polyhedral (Car)boranes Cationic and Catalytically Applicable Holub Josef 2022-2024 
VP26 Hradil David 2022-2026 
TM02000067 Solar decontamination of surface using floating photocatalyst with synergy sorption function Šubrt Jan 2021-2024 
TH76030002 Green Ultrafiltration Water Cleaning Technologies Henych Jiří 2021-2024 
TK03020188 Inovative materials in the nuclear industry Černý Zbyněk 2020-2024 
VP23 Švarcová Silvie 2020-2024 
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