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 Number  Title  Project leader  Years
TK03020188 Inovative materials in the nuclear industry Černý Zbyněk 9/2020-8/2024 
SEAEUROPEJFS19ST-076 Innovative floating photocatalyst with specific sorption function Šubrt Jan 7/2020-6/2023 
TH76030002 Green Ultrafiltration Water Cleaning Technologies Henych Jiří 6/2021-5/2024 
TM02000067 Solar decontamination of surface using floating photocatalyst with synergy sorption function Šubrt Jan 5/2021-4/2024 
TÜBITAK-21-14 Dipole-Dipole Interactions within Self-Assembled Monolayers Baše Tomáš 2021-2023 
CSIR-21-01 Low-cost, nano-materials for simultaneous removal of selenium & bacterial contamination from drinking water in India Ecorchard Petra 2021-2022 
21-14409S Exopolyhedral substitutions at metallacarborane cages and their stereochemistry Grüner Bohumír 2021-2023 
21-16084J Light-induced antibacterial and antiviral materials based on metal clusters Kirakci Kaplan 2021-2023 
21-11688S Core-shell nanoparticles for targeted X-ray-induced photodynamic therapy Lang Kamil 2021-2023 
LTAIN19152 Carborane-protected metal nanoclusters: A new family od materials with atomic precision Baše Tomáš 2020-2022 
CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/18_046/0015586 Modernization and upgrade of larfe research infrastructure nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for protection of the environment and sustainable future Ecorchard Petra 2020-2022 
20-04408S Phosphinic acid based metal-organic frameworks for removal of emerging pollutants and heavy metals Demel Jan 2020-2022 
20-06728S Enter of Cd, Hg, and U from the pollution hotspots in floodplains to food web Matys Grygar Tomáš 2020-2022 
VP6 Hradil David 2020-2021 
8X20001 Multifunctional monolithic aerogels for efficient water purification Smržová Darina 2020-2022 
8J20FR008 Cluste-based nanoparticles for theranostic Lang Kamil 2020-2022 
19-17156S Chemistry of globular shaped hydrocarbons with boron-cage scaffolding inside the methylated sheath Štíbr Bohumil 2019-2021 
19-06433S Spin Seebeck effect in core-shell magnetic nanocomposites Buršík Josef 2019-2021 
19-04630S Tuning of electrochemical properties of boron polyhedral by advanced substitutions towards their use in bioconjugates; systematic basic research Grüner Bohumír 2019-2021 
19-07460S Preparation and characterization of cerium oxide for advanced applications Henych Jiří 2019-2021 
19-09721S Light - Responsive Nanofiber Materials and Nanoparticles for Inactivationof Pathogens Kirakci Kaplan 2019-2021 
19-01768S Separation of geochemical signals in sediments:application of advanced statistical methods on large geochemical datasets Matys Grygar Tomáš 2019-2021 
TH04030090 Photoactive nanocomposite systemsfor improvement of the environment Šubrt Jan 2019-2021 
TH04030285 Inovative sorbents based on zeolite modified by ionic liquid for sorptions and detections of uranium and heavy metals Ecorchard Petra 2019-2022 
VP10 Londesborough Michael 2019-2021 
DG18P02OVV034 Non-invasive research of portrait miniatures for the purpose of their dating, authentication, presentation and protection Hradil David 2018-2022 
LM2015073 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Enviroment Protection and Sustainable Future Ecorchard Petra 2016-2022 
TK01030130 New inorganic material for the nuclear industry Černý Zbyněk 09/2018-2022 
VP23 Strategie AV 21 - Město jako laboratoř změny; stavby, kulturní dědictví a prostředí pro bezpečný a hodnotný život Švarcová Silvie
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