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 Number Title Project leader Years
FV10480Transparent nanohybrid systems with excellent durability to UV and with resistance against extreme temperaturesŠťastný Martin9/2016-07/2020 
FV10027Polymeric layers protection and their substrates against UV degradation by quantum dotsŠťastný Martin8/2016-7/2020 
LTAUSA17128Novel nanolaminates with MAX chemistry for future nuclear and extreme environment applicationBakardjieva Snejana7/2017-6/2020 
755171GEN IV Intergrated Oxide fuels recycling strategiesGrüner Bohumír6/2017-5/2021 
8JPL19041The study of transboundary pollution of river sediments on the examples of Odra a Olza RiversFaměra Martin2020-2020 
LTAIN19152Carborane-protected metal nanoclusters: A new family od materials with atomic precisionBaše Tomáš2020-2022 
CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/18_046/0015586Modernization and upgrade of larfe research infrastructure nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for protection of the environment and sustainable futureEcorchard Petra2020-2022 
20-04408SPhosphinic acid based metal-organic frameworks for removal of emerging pollutants and heavy metalsDemel Jan2020-2022 
20-06728SEnter of Cd, Hg, and U from the pollution hotspots in floodplains to food webMatys Grygar Tomáš2020-2022 
VP6Hradil David2020-2021 
19-17156SChemistry of globular shaped hydrocarbons with boron-cage scaffolding inside the methylated sheathŠtíbr Bohumil2019-2021 
19-06433SSpin Seebeck effect in core-shell magnetic nanocompositesBuršík Josef2019-2021 
19-04630STuning of electrochemical properties of boron polyhedral by advanced substitutions towards their use in bioconjugates; systematic basic researchGrüner Bohumír2019-2021 
19-07460SPreparation and characterization of cerium oxide for advanced applicationsHenych Jiří2019-2021 
19-09721SLight - Responsive Nanofiber Materials and Nanoparticles for Inactivationof PathogensKirakci Kaplan2019-2021 
19-01768SSeparation of geochemical signals in sediments:application of advanced statistical methods on large geochemical datasetsMatys Grygar Tomáš2019-2021 
TH04030090Photoactive nanocomposite systemsfor improvement of the environmentŠubrt Jan2019-2021 
TH04030285Inovative sorbents based on zeolite modified by ionic liquid for sorptions and detections of uranium and heavy metalsEcorchard Petra2019-2022 
MSM200321901Various nanostructured matetitanates:synthesis and the application as adsorbentsMotlochová Monika2019-2020 
VP4Matys Grygar Tomáš2019-2021 
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