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Běžící projekty Ukončené projekty
 Number  Title  Project leader  Years
TÜBITAK-21-14 Dipole-Dipole Interactions within Self-Assembled Monolayers Baše Tomáš 2021-2023 
21-14409S Exopolyhedral substitutions at metallacarborane cages and their stereochemistry Grüner Bohumír 2021-2023 
21-16084J Light-induced antibacterial and antiviral materials based on metal clusters Kirakci Kaplan 2021-2023 
21-11688S Core-shell nanoparticles for targeted X-ray-induced photodynamic therapy Lang Kamil 2021-2023 
TM02000067 Solar decontamination of surface using floating photocatalyst with synergy sorption function Šubrt Jan 2021-2024 
TH76030002 Green Ultrafiltration Water Cleaning Technologies Henych Jiří 2021-2024 
TK03020188 Inovative materials in the nuclear industry Černý Zbyněk 2020-2024 
SEAEUROPEJFS19ST-076 Innovative floating photocatalyst with specific sorption function Šubrt Jan 2020-2023 
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