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Staff list

Ing. Jiří Henych, Ph.D.

Phone: 311236921
Department: Department of Materials Chemistry
List of publications: asep/uach-t/0285177
Research insterest
synthesis and characterization of the nanostructured metal oxides and low-dimensional structures for environmental applications - especially the use of reactive sorbents and photo-catalysts for the decomposition of chemical warfare agents and organic pollutants; study of the (photo)degradation reactions by in situ vibrational spectroscopies; the application of power ultrasound in the preparation of nanomaterials and in sonochemical reactions


 Number  Title  Years
TH76030002 Green Ultrafiltration Water Cleaning Technologies 6/2021-5/2024 
19-07460S Preparation and characterization of cerium oxide for advanced applications 2019-2021 


TSONCHEVA, T., ISSA, G., IVANOVA, R., DIMITROV, M., KOVACHEVA, D., ATANASOVA, G., HENYCH, Jiří. Design Control of Copper-Doped Titania-Zirconia Catalysts for Methanol Decomposition and Total Oxidation of Ethyl Acetate. Symmetry-Basel. 2022, 14(4)), 751
TSONCHEVA, T., ROSMINI, C., MIHAYLOV, M., HENYCH, Jiří, CHAKAROVA, K., VELINOV, N., KOVACHEVA, D., NĚMEČKOVÁ, Zuzana, KORMUNDA, M., IVANOVA, R., SPASSOVA, I., HADJIIVANOV, K. Nickel-Decorated Mesoporous Iron-Cerium Mixed Oxides: Microstructure and Catalytic Activity in Methanol Decomposition. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 2022, 14(1), 873-890
VERNER, A., TOKARSKÝ, J., ČAPKOVÁ, P., RYŠÁNEK, P., BENADA, Oldřich, HENYCH, Jiří, TOLASZ, Jakub, KORMUNDA, M., SYROVÝ, M. Effect of crystal structure on nanofiber morphology and chemical modification, design of CeO2/PVDF membrane. Polymer Testing. 2022, 110(JUN 2022)), 107568