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Staff list

RNDr. Bohumír Grüner, CSc.

Phone: 311236938
Department: Department of Syntheses
List of publications: asep/uach-t/0102653
Research insterest
synthetic chemistry of boranes, carboranes and metallacarboranes with particular interest in substitution reactions, chiral species, supraicosahedral systems and biologically active compounds; medicinal chemistry of boron compounds, as, e.g., design and synthesis of cluster-based specific inhibitors of HIV-Protease and Carbonic Anhydrase CA-IX.


 Number  Title  Years
21-14409S Exopolyhedral substitutions at metallacarborane cages and their stereochemistry 2021-2023 
19-04630S Tuning of electrochemical properties of boron polyhedral by advanced substitutions towards their use in bioconjugates; systematic basic research 2019-2021 


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