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Staff list

RNDr. Dmytro Bavol, Ph.D.

Phone: 311236993,311236963
Department: Department of Syntheses
Budova: /
List of publications:


EL ANWAR, Suzan, PAZDEROVÁ, Lucia, BAVOL, Dmytro, BAKARDJIEV, Mario, RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Z., HORÁČEK, O., FOJT, Lukáš, KUČERA, R., GRÜNER, Bohumír. Structurally rigidified cobalt bis(dicarbollide) derivatives, a chiral platform for labelling of biomolecules and new materials. Chemical Communications. 2022, 58(15), 2572-2575
BAKARDJIEV, Mario, HOLUB, Josef, BAVOL, Dmytro, VRÁNA, J., SAMSONOV, M. A., RŮŽIČKA, A., RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Z., FANFRLÍK, Jindřich, HNYK, Drahomír. Thiaborane Icosahedral Barrier Increased by the Functionalization of all Terminal Hydrogens in closo-1-SB11H11. Inorganic Chemistry. 2021, 60(12), 8428-8431
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BAKARDJIEV, Mario, EL ANWAR, Suzan, BAVOL, Dmytro, RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Z., GRÜNER, Bohumír. Focus on Chemistry of the 10-Dioxane-nido-7,8-dicarba-undecahydrido Undecaborate Zwitterion, Exceptionally Easy Abstraction of Hydrogen Bridge and Double-Action Pathways Observed in Ring Cleavage Reactions with OH- as Nucleophile. Molecules. 2020, 25(4)), 814
EL ANWAR, Suzan, RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Z., BAVOL, Dmytro, FOJT, Lukáš, GRÜNER, Bohumír. Tetrazole Ring Substitution at Carbon and Boron Sites of the Cobalt Bis(dicarbollide) Ion Available via Dipolar Cycloadditions. Inorganic Chemistry. 2020, 59(23), 17430-17442
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EL ANWAR, Suzan, ASSAF, K. I., BEGAJ, B., SAMSONOV, M. A., RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Z., HOLUB, Josef, BAVOL, Dmytro, NAU, W. M., GABEL, D., GRÜNER, Bohumír. Versatile, one-pot introduction of nonahalogenated 2-ammonio-decaborate ions as boron cluster scaffolds into organic molecules, host-guest complexation with ?-cyclodextrin. Chemical Communications. 2019, 55(91), 13669-13672