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Staff list

Mgr. David Hradil, Ph.D.

Phone: 311236930
Department: Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)
Budova: /
List of publications: asep/uach-t/0102665
Research insterest
conservation and cultural heritage science, mineralogy, geochemistry and microanalysis of pigments, clay minerals and clay-based pigments, provenance analysis of fine arts, non-invasive analytical methods in cultural heritage research


 Number  Title  Years
22-17966S Impact of Thriving Mid-European Mining Regions on Painting Pigments and Technologies at the Outset of Modern Age 2022-2024 
VP26 2022-2026 
VP6 2020-2021 
DG18P02OVV034 Non-invasive research of portrait miniatures for the purpose of their dating, authentication, presentation and protection 2018-2022 


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