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Centre of Instrumental Techniques (CIT)

Department head:   Ecorchard Petra, Ing. Ph.D.


The Centre provides instrument service to other departments and, besides its service activities, it has its own scientific program, the focus of which is applied research. The centre's key research topic is titanium dioxide, which is interesting due to its excellent photocatalytical activity and its various morphological forms with variable particle size. In photocatalytic applications, titanium dioxide is used as a component in active coatings, in the form of crystalline nanosheets or as a composite with SiO2 (protection against biological contamination of building surfaces by algae and fungi, as self-cleaning screeds for concrete surfaces or wood preservatives).For sorption applications, especially in removal of heavy metals and radionuclides from aqueous environment, an amorphous form of titanium dioxide is used, which can also be anchored on recyclable waste.

Other examined sorbents are nanocomposites based on graphene and its derivatives, in which e.g. graphene oxide is anchored on polymer substrates, for example, graphene oxide is anchored on polymer substrates. Zeolites and their modified forms, such as metal nanoparticles, metal oxides or ionic liquids, also exhibit high sorption potential.

Layered materials are another interesting field of study. Graphene-based materials or double-layered hydroxides are modified with ionic liquids in order to be used as fillers in polymer matrices whose potential is, for example, to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of polymers. Ternary MAX nanolaminates are another type of a layered materials which are interesting for their possible use in extreme conditions including radiation.

Scientific topics

Photocatalytically active materials and composites (J. Šubrt, S. Bakardjieva)

Sorbents for radioactive waste and heavy metals (J. Šubrt, P. Ecorchard)

2D materials (P. Ecorchard, S. Bakardjieva)


Self-cleaning photocatalytic coatings (J. Šubrt)

Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete additives (J. Šubrt)

Sorbents of radionuclides (J. Šubrt)


Bakardjieva Snejana, RNDr. Ph.D.311236904[javascript protected email address]
Ecorchard Petra, Ing. Ph.D.266172184, 311236922[javascript protected email address]
Fialová Pavlína, Ing. 311236910[javascript protected email address]
Kupčík Jaroslav, RNDr. 311236901[javascript protected email address]
Kurhajcová Pavla 311236935[javascript protected email address]
Motlochová Monika, Mgr. Ph.D.311236907[javascript protected email address]
Navrátil Michal, RNDr. Ph.D.311236911[javascript protected email address]
Pližingrová Eva, Ing. Ph.D.311236907[javascript protected email address]
Smržová Darina, Ing. Ph.D.311236909[javascript protected email address]
Širillová Zuzana 311236910[javascript protected email address]
Šubrt Jan, Ing. CSc.311236906[javascript protected email address]
Šulc Lubomír, Ing. 311236901[javascript protected email address]
Thirunavukkarasu Guru Karthikeyan, MSc. Ph.D.311236912[javascript protected email address]
Vykydalová Anna, Ing. Ph.D.311236935[javascript protected email address]


Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Enviroment Protection and Sustainable FutureUFCHJHEcorchard Petra
Photoactive nanocomposite systemsfor improvement of the environmentBary a laky TeluriaŠubrt Jan
Inovative sorbents based on zeolite modified by ionic liquid for sorptions and detections of uranium and heavy metalsUJVEcorchard Petra
Modernization and upgrade of larfe research infrastructure nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for protection of the environment and sustainable futureUFCHJHEcorchard Petra
Innovative floating photocatalyst with specific sorption functionUFCHJHŠubrt Jan
Multifunctional monolithic aerogels for efficient water purificationOUSmržová Darina
Low-cost, nano-materials for simultaneous removal of selenium & bacterial contamination from drinking water in IndiaÚACHEcorchard Petra
Solar decontamination of surface using floating photocatalyst with synergy sorption functionSCHem, a.s.Šubrt Jan
Metal-containing ionic liquids immobilized od 2D materials as heterogenous catalysts for bulk polymerizationsÚACHEcorchard Petra
SysTem for SAFE Biological chEmical Radiological and Nuclear Assessment, Rescue and Decontamination Ecorchard Petra
UFCHJHEcorchard Petra
Versatile modified TiO2-based nanostructures for photo-induced H2 production coupled with microplastic degradationÚACHThirunavukkarasu G.K.


Single crystal X-ray diffractometer XtaLAB Synergy S (Rigaku, Oxford diffraction) with Hybrid Photon Counting Detector HyPiX-6000HE - M. Litecká, P. Ecorchard

Electron microscopy laboratories

Scanning electron microscope JSM-6510 - J.Šubrt

Transmission electron microscope JEM-3010 - I.Jakubec

Instruments for electron microscopy sample preparation:

IsoMet Low Speed Saw – Buehler

Castable Vacuum System – Buehler

Alpha & Beta Grinder-Polisher + Vector Power Head – Buehler

Carbon Coater CC7650 – Polaron

Sputter Coater SC7640 – Polaron

Ultrasonic Disc Cutter – Gatan

Dimple Grinder Model 656 – Gatan

Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) Model 691 – Gatan

PECS (Precision Etching & Coating System) Model 682 – Gatan

Glass Knife Maker – RMC made for Boeckeler

Power Tome Ultramicrotome – RMC made for Boeckeler

Thermal analysis and infrared spectroscope laboratory

Setaram SetSys Evolution coupled with quadrupole mass spectrometer QMG 700 Pfeiffer, by SuperSonic system, Setaram - M. Motlochová, B. Komárková

STA449 F1 (Netzsch) coupled with gas chromatograph 7890B GC (Agilent Technologies) with mass detection 5977 MSD - M. Motlochová, B. Komárková

Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670 FTIR spectroscope - P. Kurhajcová

Laboratory of specific surface area and porosity measurements

Quantachrome Instruments FloVac Degasser a Quantachrome Instruments NOVA 4200e - E. Pližingrová, D. Smržová

Lambda 750 UV/VIS/NIR - E. Pližingrová, D. Smržová

Laboratory for photocatalysis

Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyser TOC-L CPH/CPN - D. Smržová, B. Komárková