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Self-cleaning photocatalytic coatings

Contact person: Jan Šubrt

We developed many photoactive nanocomposite coating systems with solar self-cleaning and disinfecting function. Their specific uses were tested, both for the preventive treatment of insulated residential blocks to eliminate algae and fungal growths, as well as for the surface protection of historical buildings and other heritage objects. In both cases there were side effects demonstrating as direct and indirect positive impacts on the environment.

As an act of significance for the whole society, we performed the mapping and cataloguing of
a) insulated residential blocks impacted by algae growths throughout the Czech Republic
b) historical objects in Prague that are suitable for photoactive surface treatment.

At the moment all the stages of the innovation cycle are under way, from basic research to production of e.g. transparent photocatalytic coating based on SiO2 composite, which is produced in BaL Letovice and is applied by Pragotherm as protection of residential blocks.
The intellectual property of ÚACH is protected by a contract between the involved parties, and the following utility models: “Acrylate paint with photocatalytic function”, utility model No 31688; “Coating paint with photocatalytic function”, utility model No 30342; “Acrylate paint with photocatalytic function”, utility model No 30 198. The collaborating institutions and companies are: J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry under the Czech Academy of Sciences; Technical University of Liberec; BARVY A LAKY TELURIA, s.r.o.; PRAGOTHERM, Façade Services. In the future the project aims to proceed with optimising the formulas of the paints for façade coatings as well as for new applications in self-cleaning protection of listed heritage objects. The research is supported by grant of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic for 2019 – 2021.


Morphology of fotocatalytic Ti material

SEM of photocatalytic active layer

Comparsion of treated and untreated part of wall