Science Café

25. 3. 2024
We warmly invite you to the IIC Science Café seminar, which will be held on 18 April 2024 at 10 am at the IIC of the CAS in Řež. The [...]
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15. 3. 2024
The presentation "Photo/electrochemistry of oxide semiconductors rationalized by band energetics" will be introduced by Prof. RNDr. [...]
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The Brain is Not a Computer

26. 2. 2024
In March 2024, Anne M. Andrews, professor of psychiatry, chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California in Los Angeles, [...]
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19. 2. 2024
The presentation "EPR Spectroscopy: A Key Player in Nanomaterial Exploration and Optimization" will be introduced by Mgr. Zdeněk [...]
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