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 Number  Title  Project leader  Years
VP10 Londesborough Michael 2019-2021 
18-20286S Boron Hydride Cluster Lasers: Understanding the Chemical and Structural Factors that Determine the Photophysics of anti-B18H22 and its Derivatives Londesborough Michael 2018-2020 
18-21677S Microstructural analysis of MAX and MXene nanolaminates with high radiation resistance Bakardjieva Snejana 2018-2020 
18-15613S Integrating plasmonic metal nanoparticles with photonic TiO2 nanosheets for synergistically water splitting and environmental photocatalysi Bakardjieva Snejana 2018-2020 
18-05076S Biomaterials based on octahedral molybdenum clusters as singlet oxygen radiosensitizers Lang Kamil 2018-2020 
18-27648S New drug delivery systems to cross biological barriers based on the unique properties of carboranes Grüner Bohumír 2018-2020 
18-26297S Interactions between wooden surface and planar particles of TiO2 Jakubec Ivo 2018-2020 
TH03020066 Development of new generation UV-stabilizer on the base planar particles TiO2 and its used in composite production Svora Petr 2018-2020 
DG18P02OVV034 Non-invasive research of portrait miniatures for the purpose of their dating, authentication, presentation and protection Hradil David 2018-2022 
TH02020110 New composite nanomaterials based on the recycladle solid waste Šubrt Jan 2017-2020 
LM2018124 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Enviroment Protection and Sustainable Future Ecorchard Petra 2016-2022 
TK01030130 New inorganic material for the nuclear industry Černý Zbyněk 09/2018-2022 
FV20234 Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete admixtures Šubrt Jan 09/2017-08/2020 
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