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Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis (LEGA)

Department head:   Matys Grygar Tomáš, RNDr. CSc.


Laboratory develops and use geochemical tools for description of composition of fluvial, lacustrine, and similar sediments aimed at paleoenvironmental reconstructions. Further, the LEGA team coordinates works, which are essential for interpretation of geochemical datasets and performs its own multidisciplinary research in related areas.

Scientific topics

Miocene deposits of the Most Basin – treasure among Czech sedimentary archives (T. Matys Grygar)

Polluted fluvial systems – sediments of river floodplains, channels, and dam reservoirs (T. Matys Grygar)

Sediment geochemistry – generalisation of knowledge from case studies (T. Matys Grygar)


Bílková Gabriela, Ing. [javascript protected email address]
Hošek Michal, Mgr. 311236941[javascript protected email address]
Maříková Monika, Mgr. 311236943[javascript protected email address]
Matys Grygar Tomáš, RNDr. CSc.311236949[javascript protected email address]
Tůmová Štěpánka, Ing. 311236941[javascript protected email address]
Vorm Petr 311236944[javascript protected email address]


Separation of geochemical signals in sediments:application of advanced statistical methods on large geochemical datasetsUPOLMatys Grygar Tomáš
Enter of Cd, Hg, and U from the pollution hotspots in floodplains to food webÚACHMatys Grygar Tomáš