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Sediment geochemistry – generalisation of knowledge from case studie

Contact person: Tomáš Matys Grygar

Our laboratory has helped to colleagues from domains of paleoecology and sedimentology by providing interpretation of geochemistry in sedimentary profiles from various paleoenvironments. We have learnt that unbiased interpretation of sediment geochemistry requires know how from disciplines, which are not familiar to those colleagues, because they belong to domains of geochemistry and mineralogy. Recently it has been shown that compositional data, i.e., chemical composition of sediments, require completely new approaches to their statistical processing. The progress in sediment geochemistry cannot currently be achieved without understanding to element distribution into grain sizes of their carriers, account to the properties of their source rocks, their behaviour on weathering, transport over Earth surface, and post-depositional fates. In those areas our chemical expertise can contribute to the development of geosciences.


Matys Grygar, T., Mach, K., Martinez, M. (2019). Checklist for the use of potassium concentrations in siliciclastic sediments as paleoenvironmental archives. Sedimentary Geology, in print.

Matys Grygar, T., Popelka, J. (2016). Revisiting geochemical methods of distinguishing natural concentrations and pollution by risk elements in fluvial sediments. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 170, 39-57.