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Staff list

Ing. Silvie Švarcová, Ph.D.

Phone: 311236946
Department: Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA)
Budova: /
List of publications: asep/uach-t/0245241
Research insterest
conservation and cultural heritage science, degradation processes in paint layers (saponification, corrosion by salt attack), electron microscopy and microanalysis, X-ray powder diffraction and micro-diffraction


 Number  Title  Years
VP23 2020-2024 


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GARRAPPA, Silvia, HRADIL, David, HRADILOVÁ, J., KOČÍ, Eva, PECH, M., BEZDIČKA, Petr, ŠVARCOVÁ, Silvie. Non-invasive identification of lead soaps in painted miniatures. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2021, 413(1), 263-278
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GARRAPPA, Silvia, KOČÍ, Eva, ŠVARCOVÁ, Silvie, BEZDIČKA, Petr, HRADIL, David. Initial stages of metal soaps` formation in model paints: The role of humidity. Microchemical Journal. 2020, 156(JUL)), 104842
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