Lecture invitation – Michael Londesborough

Christmas present from UNIQORN of UCT Prague:   LECTURE of Dr. Michael G. S. Londesborough from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the CAS - "When Cluster Molecules Get Excited" You are warmly invited to this meeting which will be held on December 19th 2023 from 5 p.m. in UCT Prague (in UHELNA). The event […]
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Exkurze ČVUT

Tento týden přivítal ÚACH studenty z ČVUT v Praze. Podívali se na základní přístroje (XRD, Termickou analýzu+FTIR) a také nahlédli do nových laboratoří oddělení analýzy malířských děl. Děkujeme za návštěvu!
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Two different topics of NanoEnviCz users will be introduced to show the range of the provided services focused on photocatalysis: The presentation "Nanostructured derivatives of titanium dioxide, their synthesis, thermal decomposition and the application as sorbents and photocatalysts" will be introduced by Dr. Monika Motlochová from Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the CAS, Czech Republic […]
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Fulbright Scholarship for Dr. Bakardjieva

Fulbright Scholarship for Dr. Bakardjieva The prestigious Fulbright-Masaryk scholarship for researchers and lecturers aims to subsidize internships and promote understanding between different cultures. This year, it was awarded to Snejana Bakardjieva, Ph.D., who works at the Center for Instrumental Techniques at IIC of the CAS. During her nine-month internship at the University of Chicago, she […]
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