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Diagnostic Methods and Techniques

Diagnostic Methods and Techniques

Czech Republic has a long-standing tradition in the area of precise machinery, electronics, optics, special devices and corresponding advanced technologies. To make sure this tradition is upheld, extended into other areas and further developed at a cutting-edge level, it is necessary to seek new physical, chemical, imaging and diagnostics principles, new procedures and modern technologies, and to develop new methods for the study of microstructures and nanostructures of both living and non-living matter. Original theoretical results in natural and technical sciences are acquired during the evaluation of these principles, as are unique methodical procedures and device elements.

Our institute is involved in the topic:

New microscopic methods for the analysis of fine arts and the study of degradation processes in paints“

Contact persons: Ing. Filip Mika, Ph.D., Ústav přístrojové techniky AV ČR, v. v. i. a Mgr. David Hradil, PhD., Ústav anorganické chemie AV ČR, v.v.i. – laboratoř ALMA

The aim of the activity is to deepen the knowledge of art materials and painting techniques, which will improve and speed up the evaluation of a work of art in terms of its origin, age and authenticity. The topic has a strong social accent in the field of cultural heritage protection, appreciation of art collections in the Czech Republic or in the detection of forgeries. It is interdisciplinary, interconnects natural sciences with humanities and has a strong potential to create synergic effects. The key directions of development should be both non-invasive analytical procedures that do not require intervention in the work of art (trend of recent years) and advanced microscopic procedures on collected micro-samples, which will be used in provenance analysis of materials or in the study of their degradation.