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Water treatment

Contact person: Zbyněk Černý

Nanoparticles for water treatment and stabilisation

With the changing climate, the issue of suitable management of waters in the Czech Republic may belong under the priorities of interest of the entire society. One of the possibilities of safe utilisation of drinking or process water (rainwater, recycled water) is the increasing of its stability and quality by means of products containing nanoparticles of silver (Ag). Therefore, we developed an original method for preparing selected substrates with Ag nanoparticles fixed to their surface. The substrates are artificial or natural carriers with particle size ranging from microcrystalline powders to rough particles, depending on the method and type of application. The high-surface substrates, mainly in combination with photocatalytic TiO2, are suitable for preparing original porous coatings facilitating technical solutions of flow water treatments.

Ag nano particles bound to the surface of the carrier – metakaolinite (45,000x magnification)

At the moment, ÚACH prepares these materials under other activities and part of the profit is used for further development of materials under applied ÚACH research, as the broad possibilities of the preparation of the above products and their application require permanent innovative approach. The know-how of the preparation of the above products is the property of ÚACH and it is protected as registered know-how in ÚACH register.