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Materials for neutron radiation shielding

Contact person: Zbyněk Černý

ÚACH has been systematically focusing on development and application of qualified inorganic matrices. An entirely original application of these matrices is represented by the development of new inflammable inorganic materials with high contents of neutron absorbents that can be used for shielding ionizing neutron radiation. Compared to organic ones, inorganic matrices are more resistant to degradation by radiation, as inorganic materials they are inflammable, safe, and thermally resistant to temperatures up to 1,000°C. Selected matrices are also suitable for making combined shielding systems containing moderators of quick neutrons, absorbers and elements for shielding secondary radiation. The practical use and application of these materials is delivered by PRAGO-ANORG s.r.o.

Shielding materials have been systematically developed upon our patent No 304030 (2013) “Inorganic material with neutron absorbers and methods for preparing it” and application PV 2015-314 “Inorganic shielding material with absorbers and moderators of neutrons and methods for preparing it”. The development is co-funded by PRAGO-ANORG s.r.o.; the company provides complete characterization of the material for the given applications and collaborates with other organisations in calculating optimal formulas for specific ionizing sources.
The know-how of the preparation of materials for shielding ionizing radiation is the property of ÚACH and it is protected as registered know-how in the registry of ÚACH. Potential industrial protection of the know-how is considered with regards to the situation on the market. With respect to long-term collaboration with PRAGO-ANORG s.r.o. on the characterization of materials and their development the company holds the exclusive right to commercial use of its resources. The transfer of know-how for the production of the materials to PRAGO-ANORG s.r.o. will take place by means of a license agreement. Materials for shielding gamma radiation will be developed as well.