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Remedial product for plasters and facades

Contact person: Zbyněk Černý

ÚACH – the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry – is systematically focusing on research and development of qualified products suitable for the treatment of substrate surfaces, such as e.g. zinc-based nanosols, that could be used as surface treatment of materials in stable thin layers. MALPEX s.r.o. has been developing and producing paints and building materials and is constantly interested in innovation and development of new materials applicable in the building industry. Upon a Memorandum of Cooperation signed on 3 September 2016 we are collaborating on the development, characterization and manufacturing of a new product based on zinc for treating facades and plasters. Experiments are under way to test the long-term protection of insulated facades from negative impacts of algae and fungi. The agreement covers also the development of a pilot technology for the production of this material and its application in practice. Long-term measurements of the stability of facades and plasters have been taking place since 2014; the largest applications on real objects (school, family houses) were carried out in 2018. We are currently working on obtaining certifications needed for the manufacturing and application of new products. This certification involves costly and complicated administrative agenda that takes a long time.

The know-how of the zinc-based products preparation is the property of ÚACH and it is protected as a registered know-how in the ÚACH register. The know-how was modified upon patent No 304031 (2013) “Method for preparing hydrated zinc oxide nanosol”. With regards to collaboration in testing these materials, and to the share of Malpex corporation in the practical application of the results, it is agreed in the Memorandum that Malpex s.r.o. shall hold an exclusive right of commercial use of these products. Malpex s.r.o. will also be the sole holder of the certificates for utilizing the products for the given application. After the evaluation of practical experiments in 2019 – 2020 the transfer of know-how for the production to Malpex s.r.o. will take place by means of exclusive license agreement. The profit from the production is very hard to estimate at the moment.