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Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete additives

Contact person: Jan Šubrt

Two types of products with photocatalytic properties are being developed. The first type is a photocatalytically active cement-based coating for application mainly on concrete bases. The second type is photocatalytically active admixture for concrete in powdered form, which will allow for preparing concrete surfaces with photocatalytic function. The coatings are being prepared in two colours (white and grey). The dry admixture for concrete comes with various types with respective applications. It may be an admixture added to the entire volume of poured concrete, or just for its superficial part. Mainly exterior application is anticipated, e.g. for self-cleaning treatment of outer facades of buildings. Another type of application covers surface treatment of various structures, such as bridges, noise barriers, crash barriers and tunnels, where a beneficial action improving air quality is anticipated as well. Under certain conditions, the prepared materials will be suitable also for application in interiors, e.g. in medical facilities.
The intellectual property is currently protected by an agreement between the parties involved, patent and utility model application procedure is planned as well. The collaborating institutions are: BETOSAN s.r.o., J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry under the Czech Academy of Sciences; Technical University of Liberec. Application tests and characterization of the prepared materials are currently under way, suitable products should be manufactured in the future.


SEM figure of photocatalytic active concrete

Elemental analysis (EDS) of incision of cement´s concrete

Concere of cement