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Institute of Inorganic chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

We are focused on fundamental and applied research in inorganic chemistry and topics on the boundary of inorganic chemistry and materials science and other disciplines. Additionally the Institute is involved in training of undergraduate and graduate students, supervising their research works and teaching in several Czech universities.

Husinec-Rez c.p. 1001
250 68 Rez
Czech Republic
secretary of the director: +420 / 220 940 158
switchboard: +420 / 266 172 000
Fax: +420 / 220 941 502
Web pages:
IČO 61388980
DIČ CZ61388980
Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 13.00

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IIC CAS does not accept digital documents with harmful code (i.e., when the document is not perceivable or it can cause damage to recipient). Such document will be destroyed and is considered undelivered. If the sender is identified, he/she will be informed.

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IIC CAS does not process damaged documents. If the sender is identified, he/she will be informed.


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