Science Fair 2023 – Photos

Science Fair 2023 is over. And we enjoyed it very much - the attendance was record-breaking and the programme was richer again. At the booth of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry you could chat with our friendly and helpful experts, take a peek into the world of cluster molecules and colorful nanoparticles, explore colours on paintings or relax with entertaining and educational videos. The more adventurous among you signed up for the "Top Secret Research" escape game where they were transported back to the 1960s and tried to find the formula for rocket fuel. Winners of the quiz were able to build a borane laser in virtual reality and save the Earth from a dangerous meteorites. For the little ones, our traditional and always busy slime making and candy molecule building workshops awaited. New this year was the "Paint like an Old Master" workshop where the children tried to draw a miniature with self-made paints from eggs and pigments. An unplanned and spontaneous pipetting micro-station was also created where visitors could play with the "lava lamp" - it was unexpectedly successful and we will definitely include it in a larger version next year. We are already looking forward to seeing you - so in June 2024 at the exhibition grounds in Letňany!

We were honoured to welcome the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation Helena Langšádlová and the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Eva Zažímalová at the presentation stand.

Even the painting workshop for the little ones "Paint like an old master" requires proper theoretical training.

Traditional building of molecules from candy. How many little synthetics still have their molecule on the shelf? 🙂

The slime can easily bring chemistry closer to even the smallest visitors. And their smiles are our greatest reward.

To make a little chemist happy, all you need is a little pipette and coloured water.

The events at the Science Fair were well documented - Michael Londesborough spoke on behalf of our stand to visitors, researchers and organisers.

Thanks, thanks, thanks! There were a lot of you and you were great! So next year we'll set the record again 🙂 We are looking forward to it, the team of IIC.

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