7th NARECOM – NAnoEnviCz REsearch COmmunity Meeting

7th NARECOM – NAnoEnviCz REsearch COmmunity Meeting

Current trends in environmental applications of nanostructured biopolymers will be discussed by experts from the Technical University of Liberec on Wednesday, June 9th at 2:30p.m.


Jana Karpíšková, Pavel Hrabák: Analytical tools available at Technical University of Liberec

Abhilash Venkateshaiah: Valorization of tree gum polysaccharides in environmental applications


This research project envisages exploring the feasibility of utilizing tree gums for various non-food applications like synthesis and stabilization of supported nanoparticles for catalysis, carbon nanostructures for energy harvesting and storage, and development of films for food packaging. Tree gums provide a greener and sustainable alternative for developing environmentally friendly materials, having the potential to replace synthetic and harsh chemicals. The availability of plentiful functional groups (hydroxyl, acetyl, carbonyl, carboxylic) on these complex polysaccharides can be used to effectively reduce metal salts and graphene oxide to produce a new class of supported nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic activity. Owing to their carbon-rich structure, they can be a beneficial precursor for the synthesis of carbon nanostructures possessing a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, biodegradability coupled with non-toxicity and low cost can present these natural wondrous materials as a suitable biobased material for food packaging applications. The combination of biodegradability and renewability of biopolymers prompts sustainability while providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional plastics, thereby decreasing fossil fuel dependency. In the presentation, we will find out more about the preparation of tree gum materials and their characterization.


More information can be found here.

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