The Science Fair had a record attendance

Do you remember how we wrote last year after the Science Fair, "We'll break the record again next year"? Well, it's here. The attendance at this year's Fair will be recorded as the largest at least until the next one. We were non-stop at our exposition, but it was worth it. Check out the photos or the video. We're looking forward to the next year. The IIC Team

The IIC exposition is ready for visitors.

The first day was primarily led by the Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks. Even the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Eva Zažímalová, and the new Minister for Science, Research, and Innovation, Marek Ženíšek, came to take a look.

In the workshops, you could paint something. But not just in the usual way you know from art class...

...but like the old masters – using pigments mixed with egg yolk.

New features included secret inks...

You could write interesting Indian characters under the guidance of our colleagues from India 🙂

And much more – check out the video below (use full screen mode) 🙂

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