5th NARECOM – NAnoEnviCz REsearch COmmunity Meeting

Title: The effect of nanoparticles exposure on DNA alterations in human population
Time: May 12 at 2:30 p.m. ZOOM MEETING
Andrea Rössnerová, Ph.D.

Background: The use of nanomaterials has been rapidly increasing during the last decade in many areas of human life. This phenomenon is accompanied by increased risk of exposure to nanoparticles (NPs). Despite many toxicological in vitro studies, the number of human in vivo studies is still limited.
In cooperation with users of NanoEnviCz infrastructure (First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and General University Hospital in Prague; Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CAS; Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine; Technical University in Liberec), we repeatedly (2016-2020) monitored nanocomposite research workers and matched controls. To assess the differences in exposure to particulate matter including nanosized fractions <25-100 nm, aerosol exposure monitoring during a working shift was carried out. Two cytogenetic assays and two methylation assays were used to assess the level of DNA alterations after long-term (years) and short-term (daily) exposure

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