307. Talks of Crystallographic Association in Rez are over

"Crystallography in the nuclear valley - from materials for nuclear safety to cultural heritage" - this was the topic of the 307th Talks of the Crystallographic Society, hosted by the research institutes in Řež near Prague. The results of the Strategy AV21 programmes were presented at the meeting.

"Attention was paid especially to the analysis of radioactive materials or cultural heritage objects, which, due to the nature of the materials under investigation, goes beyond conventional analytical standards and procedures," says one of the main organizers of the event, Dr. Silvie Švarcová from the Academic Laboratory of Material Research of Painted Artworks (ALMA) of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (IIC) of the CAS.

A number of experts from various departments of the research complex had a presentation at the meeting (programme below).

The conference part was followed by excursions to the specialist departments, which included the X-ray powder (micro)diffraction laboratory, the TANDETRON accelerator laboratories, the CANAM neutron physics laboratory at the LVR-15 research reactor, excursions to the hot cells, the laboratories of the Centre for Highly Sensitive Analytical Instruments, etc.

The event was held on Tuesday 26 September 2023, organized by the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the CAS, Institute of Nuclear Physics of the CAS, Research Centre Řež and ÚJV Řež, a. s. and attended by about 70 visitors.

The programme of the event can be found here: https://www.xray.cz/xray/csca/r307.htm

Nice photos can be seen also on the website of the Crystallographic Society: https://www.xray.cz/xray/csca/foto/r307/

Thanks to all participants for the pleasant atmosphere!



Introduction (Silvie Švarcová, ALMA - IIC)

Attendance at the event was high

Lecture "Research Infrastructure for development, testing and characterization of materials for the energy industry" (Patricie Halodová, CVŘ)

Lecture "Activities of Research Centre Rez in nuclear forensics" (Jan Lorinčík, CVŘ)

Excursions to professional workplaces (ALMA - IIC CAS)

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