25th NARECOM meeting 19/04/2023, 2:30 p. m.

The presentation "Ordinary day of a powder diffractionist" will be introduced by Dr. Petr Bezdička from Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The 25st NARECOM will take place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 2:30. p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/96103149827


X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) is an indispensable technique for any chemist, mineralogist and any other scientist or engineer. The laboratory of XRPD exists in the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences for more than 25 years. This talk will introduce this laboratory and its instrumentation.

Few case studies will demonstrate the everyday activities of the Laboratory, some hints for performing the XRPD analyses, preparation of samples and measurement techniques, among them those connected with the NanoEnviCz infrastructure.

Last but not least, some unusual samples passed through our systems will be also presented.


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