World of boron clusters


Team of Boron Chemistry

This team has been established since the late 1950s thanks to lifelong work by J. Plesek, S. Hermanek and later B. Stibr. Novel topics have been introduced in the 2000s by B. Grüner (a current head of the team) and some of his younger colleagues. The team at IIC adheres to the World Boron Community and its position here has been firmly established over many years. Borane clusters are entirely artificial molecules of surprisingly reach chemistry and remarkable 3D structures. Currently the most promising research focus is on their application in materials chemistry and pharmacology. The team members and projects are listed in Department of Syntheses.


Selected Recent Papers

  • Bakardjiev, M., Holub, J., Hnyk, D., Stibr, B.: Reductive degradation of nido-1-CB8H12 into smaller-cage carborane systems via new monocarborane [arachno-CB8H13]- and closo-2-CB6H8, Chemistry Eur. J., 2008, 6529-6533.
  • Rezacova P.,  Pokorna J., Brynda J., Kozisek ., Cigler P.,  Lepsik M., Fanfrlik J. , Rezax J., Grantz-Saskova K.,  Sieglova I.,  Plesek J.,  Sicha V.,  Gruner B., Oberwinkler H.,  Sedlacek J., Krausslich H-G,  Hobza P.,  Kral V.,  Konvalinka J., Design of Potent HIV Protease Inhibitors Based on Inorganic Polyhedral Metalla-Carboranes. J. Med. Chem. 52, 7132-7141, 2009.
  • Pennanen, T.O., Machacek, J., Taubert , S., Vaara, Hnyk, D.: Ferrocene-like iron bis(dicarbollide), [3-FeIII-(1,2-C2B9H11)2]-. The first experimental and theoretical refinement of paramagnetic 11B NMR spectrum, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 12, 7018-7025, 2010.
  • Stibr B., Bakardjiev M., Holub J., Ruzicka A., Padelkova Z., Olejnik R., Svec, P. Skeletal alkylcarbonation (SAC) reactions as a simple design for cluster–carbon insertion and cross-coupling: high-yield access to substituted tricarbollides from 6,9-dicarba-arachno- decaborane(14). Chemistry – Eur. J. 2011, 17 13156–13159.
  • Plesek J., Gruner B., Sicha V.,  Bohmer V., Cisarova I. [(8,8'-μ-CH2O(CH3)-(1,2-C2B9H10)2-3,3'-Co]0 zwitterion  as a versatile building block for introduction of the cobalt bis(dicarbollide) ion into organic molecules, Organometallics, 31, 1703-1715, 2012.
  • Base T., Bastl Z., Havranek V., Machacek J., Langecker J., Malina V., Carboranedithiols: Building Blocks for Self-Assembled Monolayers on Copper Surfaces, Langmuir 28, 12518-12526, 2012
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