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Offer of Technology Transfer

Offer from pre-seed project “Novel composite materials based on graphene and oxides“

Technology profiles offers IA / Date of publication in EEN /Reference number

IA01  / New method of graphene preparation in the presence of an alkaline manganate solution
EEN: 7.7.2014 / Ref: TOCZ20140612004

IA02  / New photocatalytic materials based on graphene and titania
EEN: 8.7.2014 / Ref: TOCZ20140612003

IA03  / Reactive sorbent for a rapid and safe degradation of organophosphates pesticides and chemical warfare
EEN: 4.7.2014 / Ref: TOCZ20140612002

IA04  / Portable water purification system producing potable water that can be operated by electricity or by hand
EEN: 4.7.2014 / Ref: TOCZ20140612001

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