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The topics in the Department is represented by fundamental research on boron clusters, but its results are traditionally devoted also to search for practical implications of these interesting compounds. Boron chemistry in Řež has been gradually developping since early 1960's, in fact; it  hence forms one of cornerstones of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. Over decades of systematic research initiated by group fathers, J. Plešek, S. Heřmánek and B. Štíbr, the Group continues to develop synthetic routes to new boranes, carboranes, hereroboranes and metallacarboranes, along with development of NMR, HPLC and MS methods for compound's separation and characterization. The practical applications iclude in particular entries into fields of radionuclide extraction, medicinal and material chemistry. 

  • 11-vertex clusters with three or more cage heteroatoms as analogues of cyclopentadienyl anion (Prize of Academy of Sciences of CR in 2006)
  • boranes an carboboranes as low-nucleophilic weakly-coordinating anions
  • modified metallacarboranes as robust extracting agents for separation of radionuclides from spent nuclear fuel
  • carborane and metallacarborne derivatives with virostatic and cytostatic activity
  • chemistry of macropolyhedral boranes
  • surface modification of gold and silver surface by carborane and borane thiols

The topics are listed with more details in the section Research



Name Department Phone E-Mail
Bakardjiev Mario, Ing. Dpt. Syntheses 266173106
Baše Tomáš, Mgr., Ph.D. Dpt. Syntheses 266173121, 266172113
Dolanský Jiří, RNDr. Mgr. Dpt. Syntheses 266173105
El Anwar Suzan, Ph.D. Dpt. Syntheses 266173120
Grüner Bohumír, RNDr., CSc., vedoucí Dpt. Syntheses 266173120
Hnyk Drahomír, RNDr., CSc., DSc. Dpt. Syntheses 266172145
Holub Josef, RNDr. Dpt. Syntheses 266173119
Kaněrová Irena, Ing. Dpt. Syntheses 266173122
Kormošová Eva Dpt. Syntheses 266173121, 266172113
Londesborough Michael, Ph.D. Dpt. Syntheses 266173105
Macháček Jan, Mgr., PhD. Dpt. Syntheses 266173108
Nekvinda Jan, Mgr. Dpt. Syntheses 266173105
Staněk Jan, Bc. Dpt. Syntheses 266173121, 266172113
Šícha Václav, RNDr., Ph.D. Dpt. Syntheses 266173123, 266173116
Špalt Zbyněk, Mgr., Ph.D. Dpt. Syntheses 266173109
Štíbr Bohumil, Ing., DrSc. Dpt. Syntheses 266173106
Tok Leonidovich Oleg, Dr. Dpt. Syntheses 266173109


Title Recipient Principal investigator
Borane clusters for nanostructured interfaces of materials in electronic applications Katchem Baše Tomáš
New drug delivery systems to cross biological barriers based on the unique properties of carboranes UP Grüner Bohumír
GEN IV Intergrated Oxide fuels recycling strategies CEA Grüner Bohumír
Getting stronger together: exo-substituted feteroboranes and their adducts as suitable motifs for exploration of non-covalent interactions ÚACH Hnyk Drahomír
Boron Hydride Cluster Lasers: Understanding the Chemical and Structural Factors that Determine the Photophysics of anti-B18H22 and its Derivatives ÚACH Londesborough Michael
Ten-vertex dicarbaborane molecular assemblies via alkylation ÚACH Štíbr Bohumil
New family of helicenes based on fused silacyclopentadienes ÚACH Tok Oleg


Department has several laboratories completely equipped for synthesis of boron clusters including the work in an inert atmosphere. Newly prepared compounds are characterised using own HPLC with UV-Vis or MS, GC-MS and NMR.


Most cited papers

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  • From nonpeptide toward noncarbon protease inhibitors: Metallacarboranes as specific and potent inhibitors of HIV protease, Cígler P., Kožíšek M., Řezáčová P., Brynda J., Otwinowski Z., Pokorná J, Plešek J., Grüner B., Dolečková-Marešová L., Máša M., Sedláček J., Bodem J., Krausslich H.G., Král V., Konvalinka J., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci USA, 102 (43), 15394-15399, 2005
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