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This department was establihed by reorganisation of IIC in 2009 and hence it has existed since 2010. Currently it includes a variety of instrumental techniques for analysis of solids. From them, particularly electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction requires own research work for both instrument operation and result interpretation. The department has numerous collaborations with research workplaces in Czechia and abroad.

A complete web of the department is at http://cit.iic.cas.cz/

The department also includes joint Laboratory of Mössbauerovy spectroscopy.




Jméno Telefon E-Mail
Bakardjieva Snejana, RNDr., Ph.D. 266173534, 266173144 snejana@iic.cas.cz
Bezdičková Jitka 266173226 vecernikj@iic.cas.cz
Ecorchard Petra, Ing., Ph.D. 266173144, 266173534 ecorchard@iic.cas.cz
Jakubec Ivo, Ing., CSc. 266172197, 266173141, 266173144 jakubec@iic.cas.cz
Klementová Mariana, RNDr., PhD. 266173144, 266173141 klemari@iic.cas.cz
Kupčík Jaroslav, RNDr. 266173141, 266173144 kupcik@icpf.cas.cz
Lančok Adriana, Ing., Ph.D. 221912770 ada@iic.cas.cz
Machálková Aneta, Ing. 266173144, 266173534 machalkova@iic.cas.cz
Mamoň Filip 266173141 mamon@iic.cas.cz
Mareš Jakub 266173141 mares@iic.cas.cz
Motlochová Monika, Mgr. 266173226 palkovska@iic.cas.cz
Mrózek Ondřej, Ing. 266173144, 266173534 mrozek@iic.cas.cz
Petra Pulišová, Ing. 266173144, 266173141 pulisova@iic.cas.cz
Petřina Antonín, Ing. 266173142 apetr@iic.cas.cz
Pližingrová Eva, Ing. 266173144, 266173141 kleinova@iic.cas.cz
Slušná Michaela, Mgr. 266173144, 266173141 slusna@iic.cas.cz
Smržová Darina, Ing., Ph.D. 266173144, 266173141 schelonka@iic.cas.cz
Svora Petr, Ing., Ph.D. 266173144, 266173141 svora@iic.cas.cz
Svorová Pawelkowicz Sylwia, Mgr., Ph.D. 266173144, 266173141 svorova@iic.cas.cz
Šubrt Jan, Ing., CSc., vedoucí 266172117, 266173534, 266173144 subrt@iic.cas.cz
Troshchenkova Ksenia, Bc. 266173144, 266173141 troshchenkova@iic.cas.cz
Volfová Lenka, Bc. 266173144, 266173534 volfova@iic.cas.cz


Detaild description of equipment operated in this department is at http://cit.iic.cas.cz/



Title Recipient Principal investigator
Novel nanolaminates with MAX chemistry for future nuclear and extreme environment application ÚACH Bakardjieva Snejana
Microstructural analysis of MAX and MXene nanolaminates with high radiation resistance ÚJF Bakardjieva Snejana
Integrating plasmonic metal nanoparticles with photonic TiO2 nanosheets for synergistically water splitting and environmental photocatalysi ÚACH Bakardjieva Snejana
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Enviroment Protection and Sustainable Future UFCHJH Ecorchard Petra
Ionic liquids as novel interfacial agent for in-situ preparation of organic-inorganic materials UMCH Ecorchard Petra
Interactions between wooden surface and planar particles of TiO2 ČVUT Jakubec Ivo
TiO2 based nanomaterial for sorption of heavy metals ions ÚACH Motlochová Monika
Development of new generation UV-stabilizer on the base planar particles TiO2 and its used in composite production PREFA KOMPOZITY Svora Petr
New composite nanomaterials based on the recycladle solid waste UJV Šubrt Jan
Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete admixtures Betosan Šubrt Jan
Floating photocatalyst with synergic adsorption function ÚACH Šubrt Jan

Selected Papers

  • Valechha, D., Lokhande, S., Klementova, M., Subrt, J., Rayalu, S., Labhsetwar, N., Study of nano-structured ceria for catalytic CO oxidation, Journal of Materials Chemistry 21, 3718-3725 (2011)
  • Procházka, J., Kavan, L., Zukalova, M., Frank, O., Kalbáč, M., Zukal, A., Klementová, M., Carbone, D., Graetzel, M., Novel synthesis of the TiO2(B) multilayer templated films, Chemistry of Materials 21, 1457-1464 (2009)
  • Švarcová, S., Hradil, D., Hradilová, J., Kočí, E., Bezdička, P., Micro-analytical evidence of origin and degradation of copper pigments found in Bohemian Gothic murals, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 395, 2037-2050 (2009)
  • Makarova, M.V., Jirkovský, J., Klementová, M., Jirka, I., Macounová, K., Krtil, P., The electrocatalytic behavior of Ru0.8Co0.2O2-x-the effect of particle shape and surface composition, Electrochimica Acta 53, 2656-2664 (2008)
  • Zeleňák, V., Badaničová, M., Halamová, D., Čejka, J., Zukal, A., Murafa, N., Goerigk, G., Amine-modified ordered mesoporous silica: Effect of pore size on carbon dioxide capture, Chemical Engineering Journal 144, 336-342 (2008)
  • Pinkas, J., Reichlová, V., Zbořil, R., Moravec, Z., Bezdička, P., Matějková, J., Sonochemical synthesis of amorphous nanoscopic iron(III) oxide from Fe(acac)3, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 15, 257-264 (2008)
  • Lukáč, J., Klementová, M., Bezdička, P., Bakardjieva, S., Šubrt, J., Szatmáry, L., Bastl, Z., Jirkovský, J., Influence of Zr as TiO2 doping ion on photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 74, 83-91 (2007)
  • Hradil, D., Grygar, T., Hradilová, J., Bezdička, P. , Grunwaldová, V. , Fogaš, I., Miliani, C., Microanalytical identification of Pb-Sb-Sn yellow pigment in historical European paintings and its differentiation from lead tin and Naples yellows, Journal of Cultural Heritage 8, 377-386, 2007
  • Simova, V. , Bezdicka, P., Hradilova, J., Hradil, D., Grygar, T., X-ray powder microdiffraction for routine analysis of paintings, Powder Diffraction 20, 224-229 (2005)
  • Hradil, D., Grygar, T., Hradilová, J., Bezdička, P., Clay and iron oxide pigments in the history of painting Applied Clay Science 22, 223-236 (2003)
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