Laboratory of Environmental Geochemical Analysis


Head of the laboratory: Dr. T. Matys Grygar 



Analytical Laboratory was a small service workplace since 1990s, which performed characterisation and conventional chemical analysis of products from other laboratories of the Institute. Later we have developed a solid-state voltammetric analysis of Fe and Mn oxides and succesfully used it in numerous materials and geochemical studies, mainly in collaboration with Czech universities. Today the Laboratory is focused on development of novel approaches to analysis of solids with particular orientation on chemical materials (mainly in collaboration with V. Štengl, Deparment of Materials Chemistry) and unconsolidated na sediments (more details in the section of Research). Major parts of the Laboratory activities are now own research and training of university students.



Jméno Telefon E-Mail
Faměra Martin, Mgr., Ph.D. 266173113
Hošek Michal, Mgr. 266173117
Kotková Kristýna, Mgr. 266173502, 266173114
Maříková Monika, Mgr. 266173502, 266173114
Matys Grygar Tomáš, RNDr., CSc., vedoucí 266173113, 266173502
Tůmová Štěpánka, Ing. 266173117
Vorm Petr 266173114


Laboratory disposes of an ED XRF spectrometer, a Raman microscope and an AAS-AES with flame atomization.



Title Recipient Principal investigator
Reference climate curve for the beginning of the Miocene Climatic Optimum in Central Europe ÚACH Matys Grygar Tomáš

Most cited papers

corresponding author is underlined

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