Instrumental equipment


Instrumental equipment

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry has at its disposal a wide variety of analytical techniques indispensable for characterization of solid state materials. These instruments are mainly used for the research carried out in the IIC (link) and colaboration with partners from other research institutes as well as universities. Free capacity of the instruments is used for the analysis of samples from industrial partners or other interested parties. Most of the instruments are part of the Centre of Instrumental Techniques. More information can be found on the website of the Centre of Instrumental Techniques ( in Czech only).

Electron microscopy

Contact: Jan Šubrt

  • SEM (Jeol  JSM -6510lv, Philips XLCP40)
    • SE, BSE imaging, EDS, WDS, layer thickness measurement
  • TEM (Philips EM201)
    • imaging, electron diffraction
  • HRTEM (Jeol JEM-3010)
    • imaging (BF, DF, HRTEM), electron dfifraction, EDS, crystal orientation and phase mapping (ASTAR), high and low temperature measurements
  • sample preparation for electron microscopy
  • mechanical and ion thinning, ultramicrotome

X-ray diffraction

Contact: Petr Bezdička

  • two powder  diffractometers (X'PertPRO MPD)
    • qualitative and quantitative XRD
    • reflection and transmission geometry
    • microdiffraction
    • high temperature measurements
    • quantification of amorphous phase

Thermic analysis with mass spectrometry

Contact: Eva Večerníková

  • Setaram, Netzsch (20-1600°C)

Infrared spectroscopy

Contact: Eva Večerníková

  • Nicolet Avatar (Mid IR (4000-400cm-1) and Far IR (400-50cm-1))

Surface analysis (BET)

Contact: Jan Šubrt

  • Quantachrome Instruments NOVA 4200e, FloVac Degasser

Mössbauer spectroscopy

Contact: Adriana Lančok

  • spektrometer WISSEL in the transmission mode at room temperature
  • cryostat JANIS for low temperature measurements
  • spektrometer for  Conversion Electrons Mössbauer Spectroscopy (CEMS)
  • furnace WISSEL for measurements at temperatures of 20 – 900 oC
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